John S. McCain, the Conservative's Choice?

(M B, September 14, 2008.)

The conventions have wound down and the delegates are going home. I wanted to share some of my personal reflections from recent political events.

In the convention, I kept hearing about McCain’s “heroism”, “courage,” and “service,” but I couldn’t help remember when I learned years ago about what actually happened in the Vietnam torture camps, and how he was and is anathema to the POW-MIA crowd for what he did in the camp, and after he got home. A trip down Google lane dispels this tax-payer funded propaganda repeated over and over at the RNC.

I remember the McCain-Feingold abomination and how global warming keeps him up at night. I remember how he voted for two of the most liberal and left wing Supreme Court judges on the bench: Ruth Ginsberg and Steven Breyer. I remember that he addressed the radical La Raza group who advocates the violent takeover of Aztlan (that’s us) and promised them more amnesty; How he considered Justice Alito as “too conservative” and voted for the “Patriot” Act; And how he knows almost as much about economics. as Miss South Carolina

I took it for granted that conservatives wouldn’t be throwing their support to the heretofore despised McCain and that there would be outrage and an uprising when he became the nominee. However as I listened to the regular series of talk radio hosts, I found that we would simply be falling in line and that all we needed to black-out his socialist big-government agenda were “assurances”.

Then there’s Sarah. There are admittedly some things to like about her. She’s pretty, she has a family, and she sounds like she’s conservative on some issues. Yet upon reflection, I don’t know that any of those would be enough to tip the scales in McCain’s favor. I thought even if Sarah were my type of conservative, she would be completely impotent unless McCain finally kicked the bucket, or in the rare case that a Senate vote was evenly tied. Any hope that she would “re-orient” McCain is dashed when I consider that it was purely a political move on the part of McCain and nothing else.

Today it is considered impolite to suggest that working mothers should actually be at home raising their children. Instead of considering it a tragedy for the children to be raised essentially parentless, we glorify the “sacrifice” that mothers make for their career.

As it turns out Sarah is not my type of conservative and in hindsight, accepting the VP nod from McCain should have told me that. She, like McCain, has a soft-spot for global warming and directed state officials in Alaska to reduce CO2 emissions (that nasty gas that keeps plants alive). And instead of fighting to reduce government and allowing freedom in the marketplace, she fought to keep the failing, state-owned Matanuska Maid Dairy in operation. And then there’s the big one, when I thought I might really like her, her already famous “Thanks, but no thanks.” to the bridge to nowhere. Unfortunately, she has a really poor memory, or she has McCain’s penchant for saying things that just aren’t true.

100 MILLION DOLLARS. That’s what the federal government gave to the Red and Blue parties for their recent convention. When I look at the rising price of milk and wheat and gas, and clothes and nearly everything else, and my wallet feels quite a bit lighter, it makes me feel patriotic, that I get to hear 100 million dollars worth of half-truths and lies, and in return get taxed for it in the form of an inflated currency. I consider it a tragedy of the First Amendment that this state sponsoring of political candidates muffles, or rather silences the voices of more worthy candidates.

Today we live in an age where anything the media or the government says we believe, like healthy young men die in police custody — not because they are repeatedly tasered, and not because the police jump on their heads with their knees until their neck breaks — but because it’s a “syndrome”. Or that man is causing global cooling, global warming, and now global cooling again. Or like the tale that small fires brought down World Trade Center 7. Likewise, our despise turns into acceptance and then glorification of the candidates the media and the government allow into the ring.

In the past I would have been a little more hysterical over stuff like this, but my expectations have mellowed over time.

“Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil. ” I’m planning to find someone worthy of my vote instead of throwing it away on one of two Demopublicans running.

If we are ever able to get back to the “chains of the Constitution” who’s running for president will matter very little anyway as Congress is granted the balance of power, relegating the executive to not much more than a clerk. Over here in FL District 12 we’ve got a choice between Adam Putnam and Doug Tudor, unfortunately it isn’t much of a choice at all.

Thanks for listening.

John McCain vs. John McCain. A performance worthy of the John Kerry waffle float