John F. McManus

John F. McManus, Senior Executive Advisor of The John Birch Society, was born in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from Holy Cross College in Massachusetts, Mr. McManus went on to serve his country as a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.

A JBS member since 1964 and staff member since 1966, John McManus has held many positions within the organization including Field Coordinator, Public Relations Director, Publisher of The New American magazine, President, and most recently, National Campaign Chairman for the STOP the FTAA campaign.

Having made numerous radio and television appearances including C-SPAN and Larry King, Mr. McManus is also the author of six books: An Overview of Our World (1971), Financial Terrorism (1993), The Insiders 4th Edition (1995), Changing Commands, The Betrayal of America's Military (1995), William F. Buckley, Jr.: Pied Piper For the Establishment (2002), and The Insiders 5th Edition (2004).

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  A Republic, If You Can Keep It

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“Advocates of world government in the West, and especially in the U.S., had actually helped to create the communist menace and feed it with everything imaginable to keep it alive. Then they seized upon the fear of communist terror as a means of inducing the American people to allow U.S. sovereignty to be compromised and the nation itself to be propelled toward their megalomaniacal goal.” (John F. McManus, Changing Commands — The Betrayal of America's Military, p. 106. 1995.)

“If the warning we are issuing isn't heeded, the American people will surely find themselves in bondage. And children of the future who ask their parents why such a fate wasn't prevented will receive little more than guilt-ridden and totally deficient responses.” (John F. McManus, Financial Terrorism, November 1993.)

“The EU now has its own constitution with 20,000 laws and 100,000 pages of legal text. It has its own currency, its own central bank, a military reaction force and a fledgling foreign policy. It has executive, legislative and judicial branches. It has its own EU flag, an EU anthem, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, EU motto “Unity in Diversity”, EU passport, EU car license plates, EU Olympics, EU Youth Orchestra, and an annual EU day, May 9th. If this constitution is in fact adopted, by the nations of Europe who have already given up so much of their sovereignty, then they will in fact completely have abandoned it, and you will see the most dramatic consolidation of power in the history of the world.” (John F. McManus, Robert Welch Council Dinner, May 2004.)

“Everything is in place for a rapid increase in U.S. currency. There is no precious metal backing for it; there is virtually no check on how much of it can be issued; and an acceleration of inflation here—brought on by the enormous and growing national debt—could result in a duplication of the horror that befell Germans in 1923-24.” (John F. McManus, Financial Terrorism, 1993.)

“The interest paid on government indebtedness for fiscal 1991 was $286.0 billion. The interest paid on government indebtedness for fiscal 1992 was $292.3 billion. The estimated interest for fiscal 1993 is $294.6 billion.

“Why don’t Americans get angry about this? Maybe the absence of justifiable fury is traceable to the incomprehensible size of the amounts we’re discussing. So, let’s break it down to the cost per person. In other words, how much does each American pay for interest?

“In round figures, there are 250 million Americans. The admitted government interest bill for a single year is roughly $290 billion. In 1992, therefore, the average tab—just for interest on the national debt— was over $1,000 for every man, woman and child in this nation.” (John F. McManus, Financial Terrorism, p. 58-59. 1993.)