“The My Lai massacre, the sentencing of Lt. Calley to life imprisonment, ‘The Selling of the Pentagon,’ and the so-called Pentagon papers are leading examples of attempts to shift all the blame to the military in the eyes of the people.

“But no one identifies the Council on Foreign Relations—the CFR—a group of some 1400 Americans which includes as members almost every top level decision and policy maker in the Vietnam War.

“CBS tells the people it wants them to know what is going on and who is to blame. Why doesn't CBS tell the American people about the CFR and let the people decide whom to blame for the Vietnam fiasco —the planners and top decision makers of a closely knit financial industrial-intellectual aristocracy or military leaders under civilian control who have had little or no voice in the overall policies and operations and who are forbidden by law to tell the American people their side.

“The My Lai incident, ‘The Selling of the Pentagon,’ and the Pentagon papers have not scratched the surface in identifying the responsible kingmakers of the new ruling royalty, let alone in exposing the CFR role in Vietnam. Who will tell the people the truth if those who control "the right to know machinery" also control the government?”
(Louisiana Congressman John Rarick You've Got a Right to Know, July 15, 1971.)

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