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The Constitution Convention of 1787
Our founders gave us a nearly perfect form of government, that combined responsibility and accountability. It gave us the responsibility to hold our government accountable for their actions. However, in our prosperity, we have been lulled to sleep.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never can be.” - Thomas Jefferson

A system wherein if we shirked our responsibility, then our government would no longer be accountable. Sadly, most of us think the type of government we have is a democracy. The better educated can proudly say that we have a republic. However, among those better educated, not one in a thousand understands the true substantive difference between the two.

There are two main reasons for the dilemma we find ourselves in:

1. We are prosperous—the most prosperous nation on earth, and our prosperity has made us comfortable, and in our comfort, we have abrogated our duties to those who promise to do them for us without any serious scrutiny. And as generation to generation pass, we grow more firm in our lack of understanding, and we do not even know the standards to which our officials should be held.

2. The deliberate dumbing down of our education system in an effort to enslave the public through ignorance and prepare them for world government.

Watch The Obama Deception

Our Republic
This is our republic. In a self-governing society, there is no other place to heap the praise, or to place the blame then on the people themselves.

The Constitution of the United States of America
“The Constitution of the United States is a glorious standard; it is founded in the wisdom of God. It is a heavenly banner.” Often one will ask what does the Constitution mean? What does it mean today? What will it mean tomorrow? The answer is that a constantly changing charter is not the definition of a republic. In questions of how to interpret the Constitution, the only secure way is determine the intent of those who gave the law. One of the best resources we have to accomplish this is the Federalist Papers written by James Madison (known as the father of the Constitution), Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. These were essays written to a New York newspaper to help explain the meaning of the document, and why they believed it should be ratified by the states. Another excellent resource is The Making of America which takes the minutes from the Constitutional Convention itself and shows the wisdom behind each particular measure that was adopted.

Founding Fathers
The wisdom contained in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, was the combined wisdom of seventy generations of culture. The Founders were religious, Christian men who studied the governments of countries and kingdoms from the Sumerians, to ancient Israel, to the Romans and Anglo Saxons. They were the beneficiaries of the wisdom of men like Marcus Tullius Cicero, and Baron Charles de Montesquieu, and of the laws and structure of the government revealed to Moses. This combined hard-won wisdom, received after an untold amount of human misery and bloodshed throughout the vista of history, has been handed down to us to either learn from or to ignore. Fortunately our Founders learned these lessons. Unfortunately, at the peril of our own children, we have forgotten them.

Proper Role of Government
The proper role of government is to restrain crime of every sort. The problem of government is that it becomes the perpetrator of the very crimes it is supposed to restrain, except on a massive scale. This is why the Founders established the Constitution. Its purpose is to restrain government, giving it limited, enumerated authority. The purpose of government is not to redistribute the private property of its citizens, or to provide a benefit to one class of citizen, at the expense of the rest. When this happens, all classes begin to demand special benefits using the police power of government to extract it from their fellow citizens until you have anarchy.

Secret Combinations
Conspiracy. Shortly before he died, George Washington read John Robison's book Proofs of a Conspiracy which exposed the Bavarian Illuminati. Washington immediately expressed his belief to the preacher who had sent him the book, that the designs of the Illuminati were infecting our country. Yale's fraternity Skull and Bones, was established in 1832, and according to evidence, is very likely a branch of the German society started in 1798 by Adam Weishaupt, who was a professor at Ingolstadt University. These conspirators have also learned the lessons of history, but their goal is not the happiness of man, but self-aggrandizement at the expense of their fellow man. Their goal is the overthrow of freedom of all lands, nations and countries, or in other words, a despotic world government. The technique they used to achieve this end is as old as the human race, which is a fervent, but false solicitude for the unfortunate, over whom they gain mastery and then enslave.

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