My Purpose

My purpose in creating this site is to provide a valuable resource of information concerning the rise and success of this country by showing and giving access to the wisdom of those who framed it. It is also my purpose to demonstrate the forces that wish to destroy our free government, which have already made significant advances to that end.

I believe that once conditions get bad enough, a sufficient number of people will be awakened out of their apathy, and our society will return to those God-given principles of government which our and previous generations have discarded out of ignorance, and someone will have to know those principles to which we need to return.

In this site I also have material from leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and in doing so, I do not wish to disturb any man in his religion, but merely wish to point out the favorable part latter-day saints could play if they would listen to the counsel and warnings that their leaders have been giving them for over a century and a half.

God bless you all, of whatever religion you belong, and may He help us defend and restore our noble heritage.