“The methods followed by the various groups interested in blacking out the truth about world affairs since 1932 are numerous and ingenious. But, aside from subterranean persecution of individuals, they fall mainly into the following patterns or categories: (1) Excluding scholars suspected of revisionist [meaning opposed to the conspiracy-control led establishment] views from access to public documents which are freely opened to 'court historians', and other apologists for the foreign policy of President Franklin Roosevelt; (2) Intimidating publishers of books and periodicals, so that even those who might wish to publish books and articles setting forth the revisionist point of view, do not dare to do so; (3) Ignoring or obscuring published material which embodies revisionist facts and arguments; and (4) Smearing revisionist authors and their books….

“As a matter of fact, only two small publishing houses in the United States—the Henry Regnery Company and the Devin-Adair Company—have shown any consistent willingness to publish books which frankly aim to tell the truth with respect to the causes and issues of the second World War. Leading members of the two largest publishing houses in the country have told me that, whatever their personal wishes in the circumstances, they would not feel it ethical to endanger their business and the property rights of their stockholders by publishing critical books relative to American foreign policy since 1933. And there is good reason for this hesitancy. The book clubs and the main sales outlets for books are controlled by powerful pressure groups which are opposed to truth on such matters. These outlets not only refuse to market critical books in this field, but also threaten to boycott other books by those publishers who defy their blackout ultimatum.”
(Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, pp. 15-16, 18. 1953.)

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