“The major American news media have ignored what is happening in Afghanistan and they have also ignored Afghans like me who try to tell what is happening. But the smaller newspapers and radios and TV stations have been very cooperative.…

“Every day, hundreds or thousands of my people are killed and the networks and major news media say nothing. But if one person is killed in South Africa, immediately the media start screaming.…

“I have talked to many, many people here in the United States, many of them refugees from Communist countries themselves and they cannot believe the things they see in the major news media. They say that American news media are on the other side. Much of the time, I am forced to believe that they are correct.”
(Abdul Shams who was the economic advisor to Afghanistan's President Hfizullah Amin, described the media in relation to the Soviet attacks on his country which slaughtered over one million people and turned millions more into refugees. The Review of the News, 1985.)

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