“Q. What is your position on prayer or meditation or moments of silence in public schools?

“A. I believe in them and will be glad to get through here so I can have a moment of meditation (laughter). Well, all of us ought to pause once in a while and think of things. We are prone to talk too much and do too little. I think it is a wonderful thing to just indulge once in a while in moments of introspection and see what we are doing with our lives and what contribution we are making and where we could do a little better than we are now doing. I feel we would all benefit from that.

“Q. Do you think it is appropriate to have this as part of the daily instruction in public school?

“A. In the public schools? I don't know whether I want to comment on that. I think we may have taken a terrible step backwards some years ago, and I don't know whether we'll recover from it.…”
(Gordon B. Hinckley, Transcript: National Press Club Q&A with President Gordon B. Hinckley. Questions from Jack Cushman, The New York Times President of the National Press Club National Press Club Newsmakers Luncheon Deseret News, March 8, 2000.)

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