“Constitution So Far gone That Tremendous Dedication Required To Save It

“How urgent is it that Latter-day Saints commence their efforts to save the constitution? In the Spring of 1966 Clarence Manion, Dean of Notre Dame Law School and a constitutional law professor for many years, spoke in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. It was interesting to hear him begin his talk by saying that he had heard that the Mormons had a prophesy that the Constitution would one day hang by a thread, and they would be the means of saving it. Then he very earnestly said that if the Mormons are going to save the Constitution, they had better wake up and get going, because it seemed to him that it was already almost too far gone to save.”
(Dean of Notre Dame Law School and Constitutional Law Professor Clarence Manion, The Elders of Israel and the Constitution, p. 198. 1966.)

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