An Open Letter

(M B, March 30, 2006.)

An open letter to my family and those who hold the same beliefs:

Why do you insist on giving reverence to President Bush, and your ideal of who he is, and completely ignore what he is doing? Why do you turn a blind eye as he tramples upon the very law that has made us free; which law God declared that whatsoever is more or less than this cometh of evil? Which law God said he raised up wise men for that very purpose. Is it because you believe that God raised up President Bush to dismantle the law that God gave us? Do you not know that this has been done throughout history time after tragic time; that the people have placed unreasonable confidence in a leader during a time of crisis who destroys their political and civil rights?

Jerome Horowitz said “It is a tribute to the power of propaganda over common sense that anyone would seriously believe that there is not a massive subversive conspiracy at work in this country.” It is also a tribute to that propaganda that you believe what you do about President Bush—especially after you have been made aware of preponderant evidence to the contrary.

“Let every loyal member of the Church look down with scorn upon any man or woman who would undermine [the] Constitution.” (David O. McKay)

A few recent examples:

Promotion of a North American Union under the pretense of security (SPP), and ceding authority to governmental bureaucracies unaccountable to the American people (NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA).

Amnesty for illegal aliens, pardons for alien drug dealers and jail time for border patrol agents. Failure to enforce existing immigration laws.

Assuming legislative authority by issuing bill-signing statements.

Warrentless searches.

Empowering the UN.

Torture. Do you know what waterboarding is? You should find out.

• Secret military tribunals.

Rejection of habeas corpus by denying citizens a right to trial. See also this article.

• Undue government secrecy.

Extraordinary renditions.

Compulsory mental–health screening for all school children.

Unconstitutional war, nation-building and spreading world tyranny in the name of “democracy.” What the founders thought about democracy.

No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), broadening the unConstitutional power and meddling of the federal government in our schools, and for using tax-payer dollars to promote passage of the legislation.

Socialized medicine with the most expensive government medicare program to-date.

• For increasing the size and scope of the U.S. government to it's highest levels yet, and increasing the national debt from 5.7 to 8.8 trillion; contributing to the obligations we have of over 60 trillion. (only two of Congress' pork-barrel bills in the last seven years were considered worthy of a veto).

Bush budget director brags of shifting tax burden to rich.

Involvement in a secret society who’s intent is to destroy Constitutional government. · Bipartisan Bonesmen · Video

Are these violations not sufficiently shocking to warrent the impeachment of a president? If not, then what would be? We went to war against Britain for less. More recently, I've heard, “yes, it's obvious now that Bush isn't a conservative, but I support him just because of the ‘war on terror’”. My question to that is, if he has violated the trust of his office so flagrantly, how can you trust that he's doing the right thing in the war on terror?


Recommends racy beer and sex-soaked book.

Has appointed homosexuals activitsts to his cabinet and promoted the homosexual agenda