Quotes by This Author

“The Latter-Day Saints have an advantage, in that they have been given a crutch to lean upon until they can stand on their own two feet with the facts of a conspiracy.” (M B, 2004.)

“Many are called but few are chosen. If men on the earth that hold the priesthood cannot constrain themselves from exercising compulsion upon their fellow men, then how is God going to trust them with the priesthood—which exercises no compulsion—in the eternities?” (M B, February 2006.)

“I often hear, usually implied, that ‘our leaders, they know what their doing,’ or ‘my party is in power, all is well;’ and they forget that the electorate must be vigilant and informed. A free people must be informed and virtuous, or they must be slaves under the masters they have cultivated.” (M B, 2006.)

“Every latter-day saint who supports the current war doctrine, should ask themselves ‘Did the Nephites ever pre-emptively strike their enemies? And when they did, what was the result?’” (M B, March 11, 2007.)

“When are we going to learn that local communities have the right to ban any business they see fit? Read the plain text of the First Amendment, it says ‘Congress shall make no law…’ This leaves states and local governments FREE to implement laws that punish what the community considers immoral behavior.” (M B, October 5, 2007.)

“I think both logic and our present situation demonstrate that you can’t give freedom to a people that are not ready and willing to defend it themselves. And if that’s the case, there’s no need to give it to them at all, for they are perfectly capable of giving it to themselves.

If there is sufficient virtue in a body of people to maintain freedom, there is sufficient virtue to establish it in the first place.” (M B, written regarding the Iraq war. October 5, 2007.)

“Of course the recently, and oft-repeated phrase ‘freedom isn't free’ is true. But we've been paying, for a long time now, with the wrong currency.” (M B, June 13, 2008.)

“The new preemptive war doctrine we have accepted of ‘do unto others, before they do unto us,’ is a Satanic perversion of the Savior's teaching when he said, ‘Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.’” (M B, June 13, 2008.)

“Moroni wasn’t speculating about a conspiracy, he said very plainly that in our day there would be the same kind of secret combination, at the head of government, that was the cause of the destruction of both the Jaredite and Nephite civilizations. He said our duty was to not turn a blind eye to it, or pretend that it doesn’t exist, but do everything in our power to expose it and overthrow it. He also taught us how to identify it. And just to be sure, so that we would be left without excuse, prophets in our day have confirmed it. But the only thing I hear in the latter-day saint community, as with the rest of the world, when someone asserts “conspiracy” is to ridicule and get angry, or ignore the person making the assertion. If someone has evidence of what Moroni said would be among us, you would think that latter-day saints of all people would want to know what it was, and study it out.

“We fail to realize the magnitude of what we’re facing, and the result is a more casual attitude about the gospel, than what would be if we were armed with the truth.” (M B, September 14, 2008.)