Peeling off the Scales

(M B, September 14, 2008.)

To spark a glimmer of uncontrolled thought, in minds that have been darkened for decades in government school, I’ll ask the following questions:

How did two planes bring down three buildings?

Why was there molten metal below the towers, thousands of degrees hotter than the temperature at which jet fuel burns, six weeks after 9-11?

How did each of the three towers collapse at free-fall speed?

What are the chances that three buildings on the same day come down neatly in their own footprint when such a feat requires expertise and skill to accomplish anywhere else?

Cui bono? Who stood to gain? Why was there a massive increase wall street activity (put options) on United Airlines, American Airlines, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch in the few days preceding 9-11 by the Deutschebank-Alex Brown bank? (Put options give the buyer a guaranteed sell rate for a specified period of time. Those who have insider knowledge that the stock price will go down stand to gain greatly from buying put options.)

The rest requires that you suspend your belief that government is looking out for the best interest of its citizens — to suspend for a moment, that implicit trust, and consider that there are ruthless criminals in high places which seek more power than the Constitution allows.

The second thing you’ll need to do is to exercise the mental power necessary to read scientific papers that refute the conclusions asserted by FEMA and NIST.

False flag terrorist attacks are nothing new in the history of nations. To name a few well-known ones: Hitler's Reichstag Fire, LBJ's Gulf of Tonkin Incident and the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, Operation Ajax, and more recently, Cheney's plan to kick off war with Iran

If you would like to peel off the scales, and cast off the chains you didn't know you were bound with, here is some additional information to get you started: