Jack Monnett

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Awakening To Our Awful Situation
Warnings From the Nephite Prophets

by Dr. Jack Monnett

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Revealed Educational Principles and the Public Schools
by Dr. Jack Monnett

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Quotes by This Author

“Ezra Taft Benson said in 1962:

Added to the current debt at close to $300 billion, our total commitments now reach the almost incredible total of $750 billion, or three-quarters of a trillion dollars. And even this stratospheric amount does not include another $250 or $300 billion we will need to collect in future tax increases to make good on our present promises under the social security system.(Elaine S. Povich, BYU Speeches of the Year, February 28, 1962)

“Incredible? Stratospheric? Imagine President Benson's response to today's deficit in excess of $8 trillion. In fact, in 2006, an author wrote that every child born in the United States

…shoulders a $156,000 debt. That’s the estimated debt that every American owes the federal government, courtesy of the annual budget deficit, plus the national debt accumulated over the past century, plus promised but long-term unfunded commitments like his parents’ Medicare and Social Security payments.…Not only that, but the burden is growing. By the time [he] reaches working age, that amount could double or triple if nothing dramatic is done to alter the government’s accumulation of red ink. (Elaine S. Povich, AARP Bulletin, Vol 47, No. 2, February, 2006)

(Dr. Jack Monnett, Awakening to our Awful Situation, p. 78. 2006.)

“Because those whom we have studied thus far in this chapter specialized in restricting information, that lack of information became the frame of reference for the majority. Sadly, those accepting the skewed information unwittingly became tools of a satanic force. By blindly following the Pied Piper of German revulsion, millions lost their lives both at home and abroad and our nation began its plummet into bankruptcy.” (Dr. Jack Monnett, p. 215. 2006.)

“The stock tradings are…clear links to families and banks in question. The demonstrate without question that knowledge of the WTC attacks were known in the highest circles on a worldwide scale and that the events of 9/11 would include the use of airplanes from American Airlines and United Airlines.” (Dr. Jack Monnett, Awakening to Our Awful Situation, 2006.)