CNN Correspondent Christine Romans: “Plans for an integrated North American community by 2010, moving ahead swiftly and under the radar. Robert Pastor is an author of the Council on Foreign Relations document, seen as the project’s road map…. Robert Pastor says a more open public discussion would quiet what he calls conspiracy theorists….Just yesterday Congressman Virgil Goode of Virginia introduced a resolution opposing a NAFTA superhighway and various elements of a North American Union, as the critics call it. And Robert Pastor, Lou, he says, you’re one of those critics, you’re part of a conspiracy theory that just is not founded.”

Lou Dobbs responded: “That I’m a conspiracy theorist? Well, I — that’s very flattering on the part of Mr. Pastor. What he is, is an out of control elitist, who hasn’t been elected or is in any way nominated by this government to do a darn thing that he’s doing. And the fact that this administration and some of this country’s largest corporations are pushing ahead with this, with some of Canada’s leading elites and Mexico’s — there’s not a single thing in this that even remotely has legitimacy and the fact that this Congress, thank goodness that Virgil Goode stepped up here, the fact that this Congress is not demanding an investigation into this right now is sickening. This is elitism run rampant and it’s just — to me, it’s just inexplicable why it’s being tolerated.”

(Lou Dobbs Lou Dobbs Tonight, CNN, September 29, 2006.)

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